Simple and All Natural Thrush Cures

If you’re suffering from thrush then you may be interested to know that there are natural thrush cures that are not only safe but also effective.

Unlike conventional treatments and over-the-counter products, these natural cures for thrush will get to the root of the problem and cure thrush from the inside out as opposed to simply offering temporary relief.

Just because your thrush symptoms are topical that doesn’t mean that your insides are fine. On the contrary; thrush is the result of a digestive system that is “off” and not working as it should.

You see, we all have Candida (yeast) in our bodies and it doesn’t pose a problem unless something happens to throw off the balance of the good bacteria in your body. This bacterium is essential for keeping your immune system healthy and for keeping the yeast in your body from growing to unhealthy proportions, leading to thrush.

This is why the over-the-counter treatments are never quite as effective as they should be—because they don’t tackle the problem from the inside. Natural thrush cures on the other hand do. There are simple thrush home remedies you can start using right now. For relief in 12 short hours check out the number one resource here: Yeast Infection No More

All Natural Thrush Cures

The first step in a natural thrush treatment is eliminating the sources of yeast from your life, which means a change in your diet.

Removing foods containing yeast while you are trying one of the listed natural cures is essential for getting the results you’re after. These foods are all breads, cakes and sweets, beer, barley and sugars.

Foods that have antifungal properties are some of the best thrush cures around because they kill the overgrowth of yeast naturally while also helping your immune system get back in working order. These foods include fresh garlic and garlic oil, apple cider vinegar, plain yogurt with active cultures, clove and clove oil, and coconut oil. When it comes to the oils listed it is the purest you can find that will be the most potent.

By adding these products to your diet, you can be sure that you will not only cure thrush but stop it from coming back. And, you will be doing that naturally without any of the side effects that many of the over-the-counter cause.

You may also be surprised to know that all of these thrush cures can also be applied topically so that you can get instant relief from the symptoms of thrush while they work to cure your thrush from the inside as well.

Applying yogurt, garlic oil, clove oil, coconut oil, or apple cider vinegar to the affected skin will provide you with almost instant soothing relief from symptoms like itching and burning.

Fresh garlic and clove can also be applied to the area; just crush it and apply. And, for women suffering from vaginal yeast infections, a clove of garlic can be used internally as a suppository if you dip one in olive oil or wrap it in gauze before inserting.

And, dipping a tampon in live culture yogurt and inserting it can also help you stop the uncomfortable symptoms of vaginal thrush.

And finally, yogurt can be held inside the mouth to soothe oral thrush in babies, children and adults.

Far better to use all natural thrush cures than resort to medicines that don’t get at the root of the problem to stop it coming back. Read more here: Curing Thrush Safely and Easily

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